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UW Molecular Tracer Laboratory in SODO

UW Molecular Tracer Tracer Laboratory in SODO is a 1400 ft2 GLP-radiopharmaceutical development and production facility located in downtown Seattle, dedicated to translational research, through the application of established and novel PET based radiopharmaceuticals.

The SODO-Tracer Lab mission is to foster innovative collaborative projects with both academic investigators and biotech/pharmaceutical industries.  The facility is wholly operated by the University of Washington, under the direction of Professor Satoshi Minoshima (M.D. Ph.D.) and managed fulltime by Dr. John Grierson (Ph.D.) and Mr. James Velez (D. Pharm, business operations).  The UW-facility also shares housing with the commercial operations site of Cardinal Health in Seattle, who partner with the UW in technology transfer agreements for the production of new radiopharmaceuticals for investigational use.

The UW-lab is fully equipped for organic synthesis and radiotracer production. The dedicated UW-hot cell is outfitted to directly receive [F-18]fluoride and [C-11]carbon dioxide from Cardinal Healthcare cyclotron targetry, as a fee for service.  The UW SODO Lab also engages in projects using longer-liver radionuclides, such as Zr-89, for antibody and small molecule conjugations.

PET based image studies with products from the UW-SODO Lab are investigated at the UW Micro-PET imaging Laboratory and Primate Research Center, located on the UW campus, and within accredited Nuclear Medicine Clinics of UW-affiliated hospitals.


Contact Information

John Grierson, Ph.D.
Molecular Tracer Laboratory in SODO
5030 1st Ave. S., Suite 110b
Seattle, WA 98134
206 768-3089


James Velez, D. Pharm.
Business Development manager
UW Department of Radiology
UW-SODO Tracer Laboratory