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Wendy Cohen, M.D.



Dr. Cohen is the chief of service for radiology at Harborview Medical Center and vice chair for the Department of Radiology. Her specialty is neuroradiology. Dr. Cohen earned her bachelor’s degree at Wellesley College in Boston and went on to receive her medical degree from Harvard Medical School, also in Boston. She did her internship at Boston City Hospital in general surgery, her residency at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in diagnostic radiology and her fellowship at New York University Medical Center in neuroradiology.

Dr. Cohen came to the University of Washington in 1987 after spending seven years at New York University Medical Center and Bellevue Hospital Medical Center. She has been a UW professor of radiology and neurological surgery since 1999. Since 2008 she has been chief of service for radiology at Harborview Medical Center and with that title came membership with Harborview’s Medical Executive Board and vice chairman of radiology at Harborview Medical Center.

Recent Publications

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