Radiology Personnel

Thomas K. Lewellen, Ph.D.

Professor Emeritus

Nuclear Medicine

Research Interests

Participation in the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Nuclear and Plasma Sciences Society, and Computer Society both as a member, and as a IEEE Medical Imaging Conference Scientific Program Reviewer. 


Most Recent Funded Research:

Optical-Interface Patterning for Radiation Detector Crystals – investigation of sub-surface laser etching.

A Scalable, Monolithic DOI, TOF, MR compatible PET Detector. 

A High Resolution Monolithic Crystal, DOI, MR Compatible, PET Detector.

Tumor Detection and Quantitation with Emission Tomography.

High Resolution PET Detector and Electronics. 

High Resolution PET Detectors for Oncologic Applications. 

University of Washington Emission Tomography Simulation Resource. 

PET Development, GEMS. (fellowship support) 

Quantitative PET/CT Oncology Imaging. 

Development of a Low Cost Small Animal PET. 

Metabolic Imaging of Cancer and its Response to Therapy.

Supplemental request for VME acquisition system.


Occidental College, B.A., 1967, cum laude
University of Washington, Ph.D., 1972 (Nuclear Physics)