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Ted Dubinsky, M.D.

Abdominal Imaging


Dr. Dubinsky has taught radiologists, obstetricians and sonographers all over the world.

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Propagation Imaging in the Demonstration of Common Shear Wave Artifacts
Dubinsky T., Shah H., Erpelding T., Sannananja B., Sonneborn R., Zhang M.
Journal of ultrasound in medicine : official journal of the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine. 2019 Jun:1611-1616

Radiologist’s Guide to Diagnosis of Fetal Cardiac Anomalies on Prenatal Ultrasound Imaging
Revels J., Wang S., Itani M., Nasrullah A., Katz D., Dubinsky T., Moshiri M.
Ultrasound Quarterly. 2019 Mar:3-15

A Nomogram of Lateral Abdominal Wall Fat Thickness in Normal Third Trimester Fetuses
Dubinsky T., O'Regan J., Sonneborn R., Hippe D., Dighe M., Moshiri M.
Ultrasound Quarterly. 2019 Mar:30-34

Comments from the Editor
Dubinsky T.
Ultrasound Quarterly. 2019 Mar:1-2

Diagnosing Polyps on Transvaginal Sonography: Is Sonohysterography Always Necessary?
Fadl S., Sabry A., Hippe D., Al-Obaidli A., Yousef R., Dubinsky T.
Ultrasound Quarterly. 2018 Dec:272-277

Editor’s Introduction: The Status of the Journal

Ultrasound Quarterly. 2018 Dec:197-198

Editor’s Introduction: What Coaching Lacrosse Can Teach All of Us about Leadership
Dubinsky T.
Ultrasound Quarterly. 2018 Sep:111-112

Editor’s Introduction: A Funny Thing Happened on Call
Dubinsky T.
Ultrasound Quarterly. 2018 Jun:41-42

Fetal urinary tract anomalies: Review of pathophysiology, imaging, and management
Mileto A., Itani M., Katz D., Siebert J., Dighe M., Dubinsky T., Moshiri M.
American Journal of Roentgenology. 2018 May:1010-1021

Dubinsky T.
Chest. 2018 Apr:1080-1081