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Ted Dubinsky, M.D.

Body Imaging


Dr. Dubinsky has taught radiologists, obstetricians and sonographers all over the world.

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Editor’s Introduction: Know Your Audience
Dubinsky T.
Ultrasound Quarterly. 2018 Mar:1-2

Correlation of B-Lines on Ultrasonography With Interstitial Lung Disease on Chest Radiography and CT Imaging
Dubinsky T., Shah H., Sonneborn R., Hippe D.
Chest. 2017 Nov:990-998

Ultrasound elastography of the liver: What the clinician needs to know
Chapman T., Dubinsky T., Barr R.
Journal of Ultrasound in Medicine. 2017 Jul:1293-1304

The sonographic stenosis index: A new specific quantitative measure of transplant hepatic arterial stenosis
Le T., Hippe D., McNeeley M., Dighe M., Dubinsky T., Chan S.
Journal of Ultrasound in Medicine. 2017 Apr:809-819

Physical Chemistry of Bile: Detailed Pathogenesis of Cholelithiasis
Itani M., Dubinsky T.
Ultrasound Quarterly. 2017 Mar

Increased fetal lung T2 signal is not due to increasing surfactant concentration: an in vitro T2 mapping analysis
Dubinsky T., Moshiri M., Waldorf K., Wilson G., Maki J., Hippe D.
Prenatal Diagnosis. 2017 Mar:211-214

The Clinical and Medicolegal Implications of Radiology Results Communication
Aryal B., Khorsand D., Dubinsky T.
Current Problems in Diagnostic Radiology. 2017 Jan

The commoditization of radiology: Are we our own worst enemy?
Khorsand D., Dubinsky T.
Ultrasound Quarterly. 2017 Jan:3-5

Editor’s introduction: Is the radiology model of ultrasound working?
Dubinsky T.
Ultrasound Quarterly. 2017 Jan:1-2

Editor’s introduction: The brave new world of ultrasound contrast
Dubinsky T.
Ultrasound Quarterly. 2017 Jan:115