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Suresh Maximin, M.D.

Associate Professor
VA Health Services of Puget Sound

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The Reliability of a Standardized Reporting System for the Diagnosis of Appendicitis
Simianu V.V., Shamitoff A., Hippe D.S., Godwin B.D., Shriki J.E., Drake F.T., O'Malley R.B., Maximin S., Bastawrous S., Moshiri M., Lee J.H., Cuevas C., Dighe M., Flum D., Bhargava P.
Current Problems in Diagnostic Radiology. 2017 Jul:267-274

Why thyroid surgeons are frustrated with radiologists: Lessons learned from pre- and postoperative US
Kumbhar S., O’Malley R., Robinson T., Maximin S., Lalwani N., Byrd D., Wang C.
Radiographics. 2016 Nov:2141-2153

Thyroid Nodule Doubling Time is Not a Reliable Indicator of Benign or Malignant Natur
Clark T., Pokharel S., Meier J., Wang C., Maximin S.
Ultrasound Quarterly. 2016 Jun:132-135

Corporatized Radiology: From Down Under to Over Here?
McGrath A., Maximin S., Green D.
Current Problems in Diagnostic Radiology. 2016 Mar:151-152

Assessment of cardiac and thoracic masses
Shriki J., Colletti P., Maximin S.
Cardiac CT Imaging: Diagnosis of Cardiovascular Disease. 2016 Jan:275-293

Hepatocellular Carcinoma: Review of Epidemiology, Screening, Imaging Diagnosis, Response Assessment, and Treatment
Clark T., Maximin S., Meier J., Pokharel S., Bhargava P.
Current Problems in Diagnostic Radiology. 2015 Nov:479-486

Perceived Barriers to the Use of High-Fidelity Hands-On Simulation Training for Contrast Reaction Management: Why Programs are Not Using It
Chinnugounder S., Hippe D.S., Maximin S., O'Malley R.B., Wang C.L.
Current Problems in Diagnostic Radiology. 2015 Nov:474-478

Understanding the cost of conflict and an approach to conflict-management design
Maximin S., Moshiri M., Bhargava P.
Journal of the American College of Radiology. 2015 May:507-509

Lung CT screening reporting and data system speed and accuracy are increased with the use of a semiautomated computer application
Clark T., Flood T., Maximin S., Sachs P.
Journal of the American College of Radiology. 2015 Jan:1301-1306

Uber and Us: Radiology and on demand platforms, with commentary from Dr Heilman
Green D., Maximin S.
Radiographics. 2015 Jan:2151-2155