Radiology Personnel

Shaimaa Fadl, M.B.Ch.B.

Nuclear Medicine Resident, 2018 - 2019
Cardiothoracic Senior Fellow, 2017 - 2018
Emergency/Trauma Fellow, 2016 - 2017
Abdominal Imaging Fellow 2015 - 2016
Nuclear Medicine, Nuclear Medicine Resident

Recent Publications

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Core curriculum case illustration: tubo-ovarian abscess
Saloum N.M.I., Sabry A.S., Fadl S.A.
Emergency Radiology. 2020 Jun:351-353

Core curriculum illustration: blunt traumatic diaphragmatic hernia
Fadl S.A., Edwards R.M.
Emergency Radiology. 2020 Apr:215-217

Core curriculum case illustration: a rare case of an isolated fallopian tube torsion
Saloum N.M.I., Hunt H.W., Fadl S.A.
Emergency Radiology. 2020 Apr:223-225

Core curriculum illustration: abdominal wood impalement injury from motor vehicle collision
Fadl S., Ehlers A., Wallace G., Gross J.
Emergency Radiology. 2020 Feb:111-113

Comprehensive review of pericardial diseases using different imaging modalities
Fadl S., Nasrullah A., Harris A., Edwards R., Kicska G.
International Journal of Cardiovascular Imaging. 2020 Jan

Core curriculum case illustration: blunt traumatic thoracic aortic pseudo aneurysm
Ramzan M., Fadl S., Robinson J.
Emergency Radiology. 2019 Dec:695-697

Imaging of merkel cell carcinoma: What imaging experts should know
Akaike G., Akaike T., Fadl S., Lachance K., Nghiem P., Behnia F.
Radiographics. 2019 Nov:2069-2084

Core curriculum case illustration: cardiac tamponade complicating proximal aortic dissection
Aaltonen H., Linnau K., Fadl S.
Emergency Radiology. 2019 Oct:587-589

Pattern recognition: A mechanism-based approach to injury detection after motor vehicle collisions
Fadl S., Sandstrom C.
Radiographics. 2019 May:857-876

Placental abruption and hemorrhage—review of imaging appearance
Fadl S., Linnau K., Dighe M.
Emergency Radiology. 2019 Feb:87-97