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Robert Nathan, M.D., M.P.H.

Clinical Assistant Professor
Emergency Radiology

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Routine antenatal ultrasound in low- and middle-income countries: first look – a cluster randomised trial
Goldenberg R., Nathan R., Swanson D., Saleem S., Mirza W., Esamai F., Muyodi D., Garces A., Figueroa L., Chomba E., Chiwala M., Mwenechanya M., Tshefu A., Lokangako A., Bolamba V., Moore J., Franklin H., Swanson J., Liechty E., Bose C., Krebs N., Michael Hambidge K., Carlo W., Kanaiza N., Naqvi F., Pineda I., López-Gomez W., Hamsumonde D., Harrison M., Koso-Thomas M., Miodovnik M., Wallace D., McClure E.
BJOG: An International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. 2018 Nov:1591-1599

Challenges of implementing antenatal ultrasound screening in a rural study site: A case study from the democratic republic of the congo
Swanson D., Lokangaka A., Bauserman M., Swanson J., Nathan R., Tshefu A., McClure E., Bose C., Garces A., Saleem S., Chomba E., Esamai F., L Goldenberg R.
Global Health Science and Practice. 2017 Jun:315-324

Evaluation of Focused Obstetric Ultrasound Examinations by Health Care Personnel in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Guatemala, Kenya, Pakistan, and Zambia
Nathan R., Swanson J., Swanson D., McClure E., Bolamba V., Lokangaka A., Pineda I., Figueroa L., López-Gomez W., Garces A., Muyodi D., Esamai F., Kanaiza N., Mirza W., Naqvi F., Saleem S., Mwenechanya M., Chiwila M., Hamsumonde D., Wallace D., Franklin H., Goldenberg R.
Current Problems in Diagnostic Radiology. 2017 May:210-215

Web-based quality assurance process drives improvements in obstetric ultrasound in 5 low- and middle-income countries
Swanson J., Plotner D., Franklin H., Swanson D., Bolamba V., Lokangaka A., Pineda I., Figueroa L., Garces A., Muyodi D., Esamai F., Kanaiza N., Mirza W., Naqvi F., Saleem S., Mwenechanya M., Chiwila M., Hamsumonde D., McClure E., Goldenberg R., Nathan R.
Global Health Science and Practice. 2016 Dec:675-683

ACR BI-RADS Use in Low-Income Countries: An Analysis of Diagnostic Breast Ultrasound Practice in Uganda
Scheel J., Nealey E., Orem J., Bugeza S., Muyinda Z., Nathan R., Porter P., Lehman C.
Journal of the American College of Radiology. 2016 Jan:163-169

Impact of point-of-care ultrasound training on surgical residents’ confidence
Kotagal M., Quiroga E., Ruffatto B., Adedipe A., Backlund B., Nathan R., Roche A., Sajed D., Shah S.
Journal of Surgical Education. 2015 Jul:e82-e87

Impact of introducing routine antenatal ultrasound services on reproductive health indicators in Mpigi District, Central Uganda
Kawooya M., Nathan R., Swanson J., Swanson D., Namulema E., Ankunda R., Kirumira F., Ddungu-Matovu P.
Ultrasound Quarterly. 2015 Jan:285-289

First look: A cluster-randomized trial of ultrasound to improve pregnancy outcomes in low income country settings
McClure E., Nathan R., Saleem S., Esamai F., Garces A., Chomba E., Tshefu A., Swanson D., Mabeya H., Figuero L., Mirza W., Muyodi D., Franklin H., Lokangaka A., Bidashimwa D., Pasha O., Mwenechanya M., Bose C., Carlo W., Hambidge K., Liechty E., Krebs N., Wallace D., Swanson J., Koso-Thomas M., Widmer R., Goldenberg R.
BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth. 2014 Feb

The diagnostic impact of limited, screening obstetric ultrasound when performed by midwives in rural Uganda
Swanson J., Kawooya M., Swanson D., Hippe D., Dungu-Matovu P., Nathan R.
Journal of Perinatology. 2014 Jan:508-512

Screening obstetric ultrasound training for a 5-country cluster randomized controlled trial
Nathan R., Swanson J., Marks W., Goldsmith N., Vance C., Sserwanga N., Swanson D., McClure E., Franklin H., Mirza W., Mwenechanya M., Muyodi D., Figuero L., Bolamba V., Goldenberg R., Pineda I.
Ultrasound Quarterly. 2014 Jan:262-266