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Orpheus Kolokythas, M.D.

Associate Professor
Abdominal Imaging

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“I was seen by a radiologist, but unfortunately I can’t remember the name and I still have questions. What should I do?” Radiologists should give thoughts to improve service professionalism and patient esteem
Gutzeit A., Fischmann A., Forstner R., Goette R., Herzog B., Kurtz C., Hebler C., Ladinger A., Froehlich J.M., Blautzik J., Kolokythas O., Matoori S., Kos S., Reischauer C., Schefer H., Dubsky P., Gampenrieder S.P., Hergan K., Gaissmaier W., Koh D.M., Meissnitzer M.
Cancer imaging : the official publication of the International Cancer Imaging Society. 2020 Feb:18

Carcinoma of unknown primary with hepatic metastases: a need of judicious and contemplative diagnostic algorithm
Shivaji V.S., Wilson J.C., Schmidt N.L., Kolokythas O., Lalwani N.
Abdominal Radiology. 2020 Jan

Intimate partner violence crisis in the COVID-19 pandemic: how can radiologists make a difference?
Matoori S., Khurana B., Balcom M.C., Koh D.M., Froehlich J.M., Janssen S., Kolokythas O., Gutzeit A.
European Radiology. 2020 Jan

Chronic pancreatitis or pancreatic tumor? A problem-solving approach
Wolske K., Ponnatapura J., Kolokythas O., Burke L., Tappouni R., Lalwani N.
Radiographics. 2019 Nov:1965-1982

An MRI-guided HIFU-triggered wax-coated capsule for supertargeted drug release: a proof-of-concept study
Matoori S., Roveri M., Tiefenboeck P., Romagna A., Wuerthinger O., Kolokythas O., Froehlich J.M.
European radiology experimental. 2019 Mar:11

Incidence of transient interruption of contrast (TIC) – A retrospective single-centre analysis in CT pulmonary angiography exams acquired during inspiratory breath-hold with the breathing command: “Please inspire gently!”
Sudarski S., Haubenreisser H., Henzler T., Reischauer C., Kolokythas O., Matoori S., Herzog B., Schönberg S., Gutzeit A.
PLoS ONE. 2019 Jan

Serum albumin, total bilirubin, and patient age are independent confounders of hepatobiliary-phase gadoxetate parenchymal liver enhancement
Matoori S., Froehlich J., Breitenstein S., Pozdniakova V., Reischauer C., Kolokythas O., Koh D., Gutzeit A.
European Radiology. 2019 Jan

Rectothecal fistula complicating anterior sacral meningocele repair
Ojeda P., Khorsand D., Zawaideh M., Kolokythas O.
Radiology Case Reports. 2019 Jan:112-115

Postpartum bone marrow edema at the sacroiliac joints may mimic sacroiliitis of axial spondyloarthritis on MRI
Agten C., Zubler V., Zanetti M., Binkert C., Kolokythas O., Prentl E., Buck F., Pfirrmann C.
American Journal of Roentgenology. 2018 Dec:1306-1312

CT detectability of small low-contrast hypoattenuating focal lesions: Iterative reconstructions versus filtered back projection
Mileto A., Zamora D., Alessio A., Pereira C., Liu J., Bhargava P., Carnell J., Cowan S., Dighe M., Gunn M., Kim S., Kolokythas O., Lee J., Maki J., Moshiri M., Nasrullah A., O'Malley R., Schmiedl U., Soloff E., Toia G., Wang C., Kanal K.
Radiology. 2018 Nov:443-454