Radiology Personnel

Niranjan Balu, M.B.B.S., Ph.D.

Research Assistant Professor


Dr. Niranjan Balu is a post-doctoral Fellow in the Department of Radiology at the
University of Washington. He currently leads the Imaging Physics Group at Dr.
Chun Yuan’s Vascular Imaging Lab where he manages the MRI aspect of large
NIH sponsored multicenter studies and multicenter pharmaceutical trials. His
research interests include MR pulse sequence design, image processing and their
application to clinical cardiovascular MRI. His current research is focused on
developing new MRI techniques to reduce quantitative measurement variability in
vessel wall MRI and development of fast sequences to facilitate translation of vessel
wall MRI to the clinic.

Recent Publications

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Making Magnets More Attractive: Physics and Engineering Contributions to Patient Comfort in MRI
Brunnquell C.L., Hoff M.N., Balu N., Nguyen X.V., Oztek M.A., Haynor D.R.
Topics in magnetic resonance imaging : TMRI. 2020 Aug:167-174

Characterization of Carotid Atherosclerotic Plaques Using 3-Dimensional MERGE Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Correlation With Stroke Risk Factors
Murata K., Murata N., Chu B., Watase H., Hippe D., Balu N., Sun J., Zhao X., Hatsukami T., Yuan C.
Stroke. 2020 Feb:475-480

Confidence Weighting for Robust Automated Measurements of Popliteal Vessel Wall Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Hippe D.S., Balu N., Chen L., Canton G., Liu W., Watase H., Waterton J.C., Hatsukami T.S., Hwang J.N., Yuan C.
Circulation. Genomic and precision medicine. 2020 Feb:e002870

Fully automated and robust analysis technique for popliteal artery vessel wall evaluation (FRAPPE) using neural network models from standardized knee MRI
Chen L., Canton G., Liu W., Hippe D.S., Balu N., Watase H., Hatsukami T.S., Waterton J.C., Hwang J.N., Yuan C.
Magnetic Resonance in Medicine. 2020 Jan

A novel sequence for simultaneous measurement of whole-brain static and dynamic MRA, intracranial vessel wall image, and T1-weighted structural brain MRI
Chen Z., Zhou Z., Qi H., Chen H., Chu B., Hatsukami T.S., Yuan C., Balu N.
Magnetic Resonance in Medicine. 2020 Jan

Improved carotid lumen delineation on non-contrast MR angiography using SNAP (Simultaneous Non-Contrast Angiography and Intraplaque Hemorrhage) imaging
Liu H., Sun J., Hippe D., Wu W., Chu B., Balu N., Hatsukami T., Yuan C.
Magnetic Resonance Imaging. 2019 Oct:87-93

Quantitative assessment of the intracranial vasculature in an older adult population using iCafe
Chen L., Sun J., Hippe D., Balu N., Yuan Q., Yuan I., Zhao X., Li R., He L., Hatsukami T., Hwang J., Yuan C.
Neurobiology of Aging. 2019 Jul:59-65

Understanding Atherosclerosis Through an Osteoarthritis Data Set
Liu W., Balu N., Canton G., Hippe D., Watase H., Waterton J., Hatsukami T., Yuan C.
Arteriosclerosis, thrombosis, and vascular biology. 2019 Jun:1018-1025

Inter-rater and scan-rescan reproducibility of the detection of intracranial atherosclerosis on contrast-enhanced 3D vessel wall MRI
Mossa-Basha M., Watase H., Sun J., Shibata D., Hippe D., Balu N., Hatsukami T., Yuan C.
The British journal of radiology. 2019 May:20180973

Quantification of morphometry and intensity features of intracranial arteries from 3D TOF MRA using the intracranial artery feature extraction (iCafe): A reproducibility study
Chen L., Mossa-Basha M., Sun J., Hippe D., Balu N., Yuan Q., Pimentel K., Hatsukami T., Hwang J., Yuan C.
Magnetic Resonance Imaging. 2019 Apr:293-302