Radiology Personnel

Niranjan Balu, M.B.B.S., Ph.D.

Research Assistant Professor



Dr. Niranjan Balu is a post-doctoral Fellow in the Department of Radiology at the
University of Washington. He currently leads the Imaging Physics Group at Dr.
Chun Yuan’s Vascular Imaging Lab where he manages the MRI aspect of large
NIH sponsored multicenter studies and multicenter pharmaceutical trials. His
research interests include MR pulse sequence design, image processing and their
application to clinical cardiovascular MRI. His current research is focused on
developing new MRI techniques to reduce quantitative measurement variability in
vessel wall MRI and development of fast sequences to facilitate translation of vessel
wall MRI to the clinic.

Recent Publications (via Semantic Scholar)

Atherosclerotic Burden and Remodeling Patterns of the Popliteal Artery as Detected in the Magnetic Resonance Imaging Osteoarthritis Initiative Data Set.
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Deep Open Snake Tracker for Vessel Tracing
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Neural network enhanced 3D turbo spin echo for MR intracranial vessel wall imaging.
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Carotid Vessel Wall Segmentation Challenge
Chun Yuan, Li Chen, N. Balu, et al. - Published 2021

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Editorial for “Myocardial T1 Values at 1.5 T: Normal Values for General Electric Scanners and Sex-Related Differences”.

Vessel length on SNAP MRA and TOF MRA is a potential imaging biomarker for brain blood flow.
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