Radiology Personnel

Mark S. Erickson, DNP, ANRP, FNP-C

Teaching Associate
Nuclear Medicine, Theranostics

Nuclear Medicine


Prostate cancer, Thyroid cancer, Neuroendocrine tumors.


I am a doctor of nursing practice who sees patients at SCCA South Lake Union. 

The main thing that brought me here is the connection I make with patients. I think it is especially important in cancer care because people are vulnerable and there is a huge paradigm shift with emotions. We can really establish unique relationships. I enjoy talking to people, and I truly believe our patients are our greatest teachers.

Of course, I want it to be a great experience for the patient, and I also want to establish a collegial environment with everyone I work with. I think patients feel that culture when they walk in, so I am motivated to cultivate a collaborative atmosphere.


2017-2020  Doctor of Nursing Practice – Seattle University

2011-2020  Bachelor of Science, Nursing- Seattle University

Recent Publications (via Semantic Scholar)

Male High School Students’ Perceptions of Nursing as a Professional Career Choice: Nursing Pathway Project
Steven J. Palazzo, Mark S. Erickson - Published 2021 - NURSING EDUCATION PERSPECTIVES