Radiology Personnel

Mariam Moshiri, M.D.

Associate Professor
Body Imaging


Dr. Moshiri is an associate professor in the diagnostic radiology department with fellowship training in body imaging. Her areas of expertise include high-risk obstetric imaging, male and female genitourinary imaging, and gastrointestinal imaging.

She conducts research in her areas of expertise and serves on various committees of several national radiologic societies. She is the recipient of several awards from these societies for excellence in educational activities. She is also fellow of Society of Abdominal Radiology, and served as the body imaging fellowship program director at UW for four years.

Dr. Moshiri has earned her bachelor’s degree from New York University and her M.D. from State University of NY School of Medicine at Brooklyn. She completed her fellowship at University of Maryland Medical Center. Her first academic posting was at Northwestern University Medical Center in Chicago, and eventually joined UW in 2005.

Recent Publications

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