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Martin Gunn, M.B.Ch.B., FRANZCR

Medical Director of Informatics
Body Imaging


Dr. Gunn is a professor of Radiology and the Medical Director of Informatics at the University of Washington. His areas of clinical and research interests include imaging of high-energy trauma, non-invasive cardiovascular imaging, new CT technologies, radiation dose reduction, CT/MRI contrast materials, and the use of text mining, machine learning and data analytics to improve the quality and efficiency of radiology services.

Recent Publications

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CT angiography in the emergency department: Maximizing contrast enhancement and image quality while minimizing radiation dose and contrast material volume
Clark T., Gunn M.
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Role of CT in the diagnosis of nonspecific abdominal pain: A multicenter analysis
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A report on the Academic Emergency Medicine 2015 consensus conference “Diagnostic imaging in the emergency department: a research agenda to optimize utilization”
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Call for a new classification system and treatment strategy in blunt aortic injury
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Incidence and Risk Factors for Postcontrast Acute Kidney Injury in Survivors of Sudden Cardiac Arrest
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Comparative effectiveness research: Alternatives to “traditional” computed tomography use in the acute care setting
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