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Bahar Mansoori, M.D.

Assistant Professor

Director, Abdominal Imaging Fellowship

Abdominal Imaging
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Recent Publications (via Semantic Scholar)

Geographic Trends in Publications and Submissions in Radiology Journals: Decade Report (2010 – 2020).
L. Grimm, David Ballard, Nicholas M. Beckman, et al. - Published 2022 - ACADEMIC RADIOLOGY

Management of locally advanced mesonephric carcinoma of the cervix in the setting of Mullerian Duct anomaly spectrum and unilateral renal agenesis: A case report and review of the literature.
Tru-Khang T. Dinh, Elizabeth U. Parker, K. Gangadhar, et al. - Published 2021 - BRACHYTHERAPY

Phleboliths mistaken for intraperitoneal copper-containing intrauterine device in the presence of missing strings
Viet Nguyen, Alexa R Lindley, B. Mansoori, et al. - Published 2021 - BMJ CASE REPORTS

Overview of spontaneous intraabdominal tumor hemorrhage: etiologies, imaging findings, and management
K. Kalisz, M. Enzerra, B. Mansoori - Published 2020 - ABDOMINAL RADIOLOGY

Simulation-based learning for enhanced gynecologic brachytherapy training among radiation oncology residents.
V. Williams, B. Mansoori, L. Young, et al. - Published 2020 - BRACHYTHERAPY

Multimodality Imaging of Uterine Cervical Malignancies.
B. Mansoori, G. Khatri, Glorimar Rivera-Colón, et al. - Published 2020 - AJR. AMERICAN JOURNAL OF ROENTGENOLOGY

Simulation-based learning for enhanced brachytherapy training among radiation oncology residents
V. Williams, L. Young, B. Mansoori, et al. - Published 2020

A novel imaging based Nomogram for predicting post-surgical biochemical recurrence and adverse pathology of prostate cancer from pre-operative bi-parametric MRI
Lin Li, R. Shiradkar, Patrick Leo, et al. - Published 2020 - EBIOMEDICINE

Dual-energy CT in diffuse liver disease: is there a role?
Khaled Y. Elbanna, B. Mansoori, A. Mileto, et al. - Published 2020 - ABDOMINAL RADIOLOGY

Soft tissue mycetoma: “Dot-in-circle” sign on magnetic resonance imaging
Aida Basirat, E. Boothe, A. Mazal, et al. - Published 2020 - RADIOLOGY CASE REPORTS