Radiology Personnel

Paul Kinahan, PhD, FIEEE

Vice Chair of Research
Nuclear Medicine


Paul Kinahan is a member of the UW Imaging Research Laboratory. He was part of the group that built the first prototype combined PET/CT scanner and has also contributed to the current class of data processing image reconstruction algorithms used in PET/CT oncology imaging. He moved to the University of Washington in 2001 where he continues his research in PET/CT imaging. He has served on committees for the RSNA, AAPM, SNM, NIH, and IEEE.


  1. BASc 1985 University of British Columbia (Engineering Physics)
  2. MASc 1988 University of British Columbia (Engineering Physics)
  3. PhD 1994 University of Pennsylvania (Bioengineering)

Recent Publications

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Improved model prediction of glioma growth utilizing tissue-specific boundary effects
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