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Cecil Hayes, Ph.D.



Since coming to the UW in 1991, Cecil Hayes has specialized in making radiofrequency coils and coil arrays for MRI. As the interface between the patient and the scanner, the RF coil is one limiting factor that determines the signal-to-noise performance and thus the resulting image quality. When high temporal or spatial resolution are a critical requirement for a new clinical procedure or research study, a coil customized for that particular use may be the key element for the project’s success. Before coming to the UW, Dr. Hayes participated in the initial development of the GE 1.5T Signa scanner in Milwaukee. The birdcage resonator, which he invented there, has been widely used as an MRI volume coil. Dr. Hayes obtained his Ph.D. in physics under the direction of R.V. Pound at Harvard and served as postdoc with H. Y. Carr at Rutgers.

Recent Publications

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