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Feng Zhang, M.D.

Research Assistant Professor
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Dr. Feng Zhang achieved his medical degree from Xiangya Medical School, Changsha in China and his PhD in radiology from Fudan University Medical School. In 2008, he joined Dr. Xiaoming Yang’s team at the University of Washington to complete his postdoctoral training. He is the primary investigator for an ongoing NIH-founded project, “Developing Intrabiliary MRI-Guided/Radiofrequency Heating (RFH)-Enhanced Local Chemotherapy of Hepato-pancreato-biliary Malignancies.” He is currently an instructor in Dr. Xiaoming Yang’s lab and will be promoted to the position of research assistant professor in July. His current research focuses on imaging-guided radiofrequency heating-enhanced chemotherapy and gene therapy for hepato-pancreato-biliary cancers. He has authored and co-authored 12 peer-reviewed papers and was awarded a SIR pilot research grant.