Radiology Personnel

David Lamar, M.D., PhD.

R5 Resident


Birthplace: Naples, Italy

Hometown: Pensacola, FL

Hobbies/interests: Enjoy running, playing soccer and guitar, camping, playing with 4 year-old son Jack and 10 year-old dog Sadie.  Auburn football fan.  Regularly use babysitter nights to go to shows at many great Seattle music venues with wife, Stephanie.

Research interests: Currently researching the workplace activity levels of radiologists in comparison to other medical specialties (spoiler alert- we don’t move much!).  Love basic science and am looking forward to finding a feasible cell biology or molecule imaging project in near future.

Interesting fact: Was invited on stage to play guitar with Better than Ezra at the Avalon in Boston in 2002.


  1. College- Davidson College, B.S. in Biology.
  2. Medical school- Emory University, M.D., Ph.D. in Immunology
  3. Internship hospital- General Surgery, Swedish Medical Center, Seattle, WA