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Christopher R. Ingraham, M.D.

Associate Professor
Former IR Residency PD
Chief, Interventional Radiology
Interventional Radiology


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Society of Interventional Radiology Position Statement on Endovascular Intervention for Trauma
Padia S., Ingraham C., Moriarty J., Wilkins L., Bream P., Tam A., Patel S., McIntyre L., Wolinsky P., Hanks S.
Journal of Vascular and Interventional Radiology. 2020 Jan

You Can’t Expect When You’re Expecting: The Variable State of Parental Leave in Radiology Residency Programs
Menashe S.J., Wright J.N., Parisi M.T., Chapman T., Ingraham C.R., Paladin A.M., Iyer R.S.
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Transhepatic inferior vena cava filter retrieval due to chronic occlusion of jugular and subclavian veins
Dionisio R., Shin D., Ingraham C., Vaidya S.
Radiology Case Reports. 2019 Nov:1385-1388

The inferior vena cava: a pictorial review of embryology, anatomy, pathology, and interventions
Shin D., Sandstrom C., Ingraham C., Monroe E., Johnson G.
Abdominal radiology (New York). 2019 Jul:2511-2527

Balloon-occluded antegrade transvenous obliteration via transjugular intrahepatic access for bleeding rectal varices
Shin D., Kim A., Ingraham C.
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Double Helical Inferior Vena Cava Duplication
Shin D., Ingraham C., Johnson G., Monroe E.
Journal of Vascular and Interventional Radiology. 2019 Apr:578

Arteriocaval Fistula and Retroperitoneal Hemorrhage after Removal of Caval Filter Near the Right Renal Artery
Malone C., Shin D., Ingraham C.
Journal of Vascular and Interventional Radiology. 2018 Nov:1620-1622

An interventionalist’s guide to hemoptysis in cystic fibrosis
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Doppler ultrasound predictors of transplant hepatic venous outflow obstruction in pediatric patients
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Pediatric Transplantation. 2018 Jan

Monitoring and Follow-Up of High Radiation Dose Cases in Interventional Radiology
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