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Christina Brunnquell, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Diagnostic Physics

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Objective Evaluation of CT Time Efficiency in Acute Stroke Response
Brunnquell C., Avey G., Szczykutowicz T.
Journal of the American College of Radiology. 2018 Jun:876-880

A General Framework for Monitoring Image Acquisition Workflow in the Radiology Environment: Timeliness for Acute Stroke CT Imaging
Szczykutowicz T., Brunnquell C., Avey G., Bartels C., Belden D., Bruce R., Field A., Peppler W., Wasmund P., Wendt G.
Journal of Digital Imaging. 2018 Apr:201-209

Intrathecal antibody distribution in the rat brain: surface diffusion, perivascular transport and osmotic enhancement of delivery
Pizzo M., Wolak D., Kumar N., Brunette E., Brunnquell C., Hannocks M., Abbott N., Meyerand M., Sorokin L., Stanimirovic D., Thorne R.
Journal of Physiology. 2018 Feb:445-475

Data-driven optimized flip angle selection for T1estimation from spoiled gradient echo acquisitions
Lewis C., Hurley S., Meyerand M., Koay C.
Magnetic Resonance in Medicine. 2016 Sep:792-802

Uptake and retention of manganese contrast agents for PET and MRI in the rodent brain
Brunnquell C., Hernandez R., Graves S., Smit-Oistad I., Nickles R., Cai W., Meyerand M., Suzuki M.
Contrast Media and Molecular Imaging. 2016 Sep:371-380

Protocol for testing suitability of compact US imaging systems for use inside MRI suites, and application to one commercial US system
Ma C., Long Z., Mlanners D., Jtradup D., Brunnquell C., Felmlee J., Woodrum D., Watson R., Hangiandreou N., Gorny K.
Biomedical Physics and Engineering Express. 2016 Aug

In vivo tracking of human neural progenitor cells in the rat brain using magnetic resonance imaging is not enhanced by ferritin expression
Bernau K., Lewis C., Petelinsek A., Reagan M., Niles D., Mattis V., Meyerand M., Suzuki M., Svendsen C.
Cell Transplantation. 2016 Jan:575-592

Targeting CD146 with a64Cu-labeled antibody enables in vivo immunoPET imaging of high-grade gliomas
Yang Y., Hernandez R., Rao J., Yin L., Qu Y., Wu J., England C., Graves S., Lewis C., Wang P., Meyerand M., Nickles R., Bian X., Cai W.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 2015 Nov:E6525-E6534

52Mn production for PET/MRI tracking of human stem cells expressing divalent metal transporter 1 (DMT1)
Lewis C., Graves S., Hernandez R., Valdovinos H., Barnhart T., Cai W., Meyerand M., Nickles R., Suzuki M.
Theranostics. 2015 Jan:227-239

Intrinsically germanium-69-labeled iron oxide nanoparticles: Synthesis and in-vivo dual-modality PET/MR zimaging
Chakravarty R., Valdovinos H., Chen F., Lewis C., Ellison P., Luo H., Meyerand M., Nickles R., Cai W.
Advanced Materials. 2014 Aug:5119-5123