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Brian Bresnahan, Ph.D.

Research Associate Professor


Dr. Bresnahan is a health economist working in the UW/HMC Radiology Health Services Research Section and for the Comparative Effectiveness, Cost, and Outcomes Research Center (CECORC). He has a doctorate in Economics, worked in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry for seven years, and specializes in health economics, health policy, and outcomes research. Dr. Bresnahan has a wide range of experience in conducting clinical and patient-reported outcome studies, health outcomes and health services research, cost-effectiveness analysis, retrospective database analysis, and economic modeling. Dr. Bresnahan serves as the co-Chair of the Comparative Effectiveness Research Executive Steering Committee of the Society of Nuclear Medicine. He is a Director-at-Large in the Radiology Alliance of Health Services Research (RAHSR) of the Association of University Radiologists.

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Using the Analytic Hierarchy Process for Prioritizing Imaging Tests in Diagnosis of Suspected Appendicitis
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