Radiology Personnel

Fatemeh Behnia, M.D.

Assistant Professor
Nuclear Medicine


Dr. Behnia is a UW assistant professor in the Division of Nuclear Medicine, Department of Radiology. She was trained as a radiologist in Iran. With more than 10 years of experience, she moved to the US in 2004, where she completed additional training in nuclear medicine at the University of Washington.

She is board certified in nuclear medicine and radiology. Her areas of interest are general nuclear medicine and oncology imaging. She has a passion for teaching recognized by multiple teaching awards since becoming a faculty member.

Recent Publications

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18F-fluciclovine uptake by an incidentally detected hepatocellular carcinoma in a case of biochemically recurrent prostate cancer
Sannananja B., Shah H., Behnia F.
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PET/CT in the diagnosis and workup of sarcoidosis: Focus on atypical manifestations
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Potential value of FDG PET-CT in diagnosis and follow-up of TAFRO syndrome
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