Radiology Personnel

Anh-Vu Ngo, M.D.

Assistant Professor
Pediatric Radiology


Anh-Vu Ngo is a pediatric radiologist practicing at Seattle Children’s. He earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Washington and his medical degree from the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee.

He is board certified in pediatric radiology, having completed a  radiology residency at the University of Washington. He completed a pediatric radiology fellowship at Seattle Children’s.

Recent Publications

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Development of a scoring tool for chronic nonbacterial osteomyelitis magnetic resonance imaging and evaluation of its interrater reliability
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The Many Faces of Pediatric Chronic Recurrent Multifocal Osteomyelitis (CRMO): A Practical Location- and Case-Based Approach to Differentiate CRMO From Its Mimics
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Documenting your career as an educator electronically
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