UW Radiology Becomes ARCH-AI Recognized Center

A photo of Dr. Nathan Cross. In the photo, Dr. Cross smiles at the camera. He wears glasses, a white lab coat, and a button-up shirt and tie.

The University of Washington (UW) Radiology Vice Chair of Informatics Nathan Cross, MD, MS, CIIP, was recently notified that the UW Department of Radiology was named a recognized center as part of the American College of Radiology® Recognized Center for Healthcare-AI (ARCH-AI) the first national artificial intelligence quality assurance program for radiology facilities.

The program, built on best practices, outlines expert consensus-based building blocks of infrastructure, processes and governance in AI implementation in real-world practice.

By working toward, and attesting to, compliance within the tenets of the program, participation in ARCH-AI can help radiology practices provide safe and effective implementation of AI products and help radiologists provide better patient care.  

ARCH-AI site recognition criteria include:

  • Establishing an interdisciplinary AI governance group
  • Maintaining an inventory of AI algorithms with detailed documentation
  • Ensuring adherence to security and compliance measures
  • Engaging in diligent review and selection of AI algorithms
  • Documenting use cases and training procedures
  • Monitoring algorithm performance, including safety and effectiveness
  • Participating in the Assess-AI national AI registry for performance benchmarking

UW Radiology will receive an ACR Recognition badge to display in their waiting rooms and lobbies to demonstrate to their communities, patients, payers and referring physicians that they are committed to integrating AI in a safe, responsible manner that allows them to provide the best possible modern healthcare.

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