Kurt Weaver, Ph.D., honored with Outstanding Lecturer Award

Kurt Weaver, Ph.D., was recently honored with the Outstanding Lecturer Award by the Seattle E-21 cohort of UW medical students.

Dr. Weaver is an associate professor of radiology and primary instructor in the UW School of Medicine undergraduate medical education curriculum. In this role he serves as co-director of the Mind, Brain and Behavior block, the primary neurology, neuroanatomy and psychiatry course and co-lead for the Anatomy & Embryology thread, a vertically integrated curriculum which introduces anatomy primarily through dissection-based instruction.

Both curricular elements expose first and second year medical school students to radiology by introducing various imaging modalities and the role they provide in clinical diagnostics as well as reinforcing and expanding upon cadaveric instruction by teaching anatomy through a radiographic lens.

“He’s always so helpful in lab and never intimidating. Anatomy is humbling in so many ways so to have an instructor who strives to build you up is always so welcomed,” one student said.

Another said “[he] is very transparent about the difficulty of anatomy, but even more determined to make sure we understand the concepts. He has a care and kindness that I really appreciate, and I want him to be recognized for the work he puts in!”

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