ISMRM 2019 conference recap

University of Washington researchers are working to develop new magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) techniques to improve detection and diagnosis of breast cancer. Students and research scientists from the Quantitative Breast Imaging Laboratory  ( led by Dr. Savannah Partridge recently presented several compelling technical advancements at the annual meeting of the International Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM) May 11-16, 2019 in Montreal, Canada. Their work contributes towards reducing lengthy examination times of breast MRI screening and eliminating the need for injecting a contrast agent, as well as improving the ability to select appropriate therapies by identifying more aggressive cancers based on their imaging characteristics. A list of the ISMRM 2019 presentations is given below:


  • Diffusion-Weighted MRI for Non-Contrast Breast Screening: Lesion Conspicuity on Computed vs. Acquired High b-Value Images

Michaela R DelPriore , BS, Debosmita Biswas , MS,  Madeline C Dang, MS,  Adrienne E Kim, BS,  Habib Rahbar, MD,  and Savannah C Partridge, PhD


  • Multiband SENSE accelerated diffusion weighted imaging with CAIPIRINHA: Preliminary study of clinical utility in the breast

Debosmita Biswas, MS, Yi Wang, PhD,  Michaela R DelPriore, BS,  Madeline C Dang, MS,  Adrienne E Kim, BS,  Habib Rahbar, MD,  and Savannah C Partridge, PhD


  • Predicting Pathological Response to Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy Using 3D Texture Feature Radiomics on Baseline Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced (DCE) MRI

Yifan Wu,  MS,  Daniel S. Hippe, MS,  Ginger L. Lash, BS,  Lanell M. Peterson, MS, Jennifer M. Specht, MD,  and Savannah C. Partridge, PhD


  • Apparent Exchange Rate Mapping with Diffusion MRI: A Novel Marker For In Vivo Breast Cancer Characterization

Neal B. Shekar, BS, Debosmita Biswas, MS, Adrienne Kim, BS,  Mara H. Rendi, MD, PhD,  Markus Nilsson, PhD,  Karin Bryskhe, PhD,  Samo Lasic, PhD, Savannah C. Partridge, PhD


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