Dr. Lee featured in equity study of 3D mammography

The JAMA Network open recently published a new study by Christoph Lee, MD , called “Comparative Access to and Use of Digital Tomosynthesis Screening by Women’s Race/Ethnicity and Socioeconomic Status” which focuses on whether adoption of 3D technology is equally shared across sub-populations of women.

“We’re showing that it has not been, even though it has been FDA-approved for a decade now,” says Dr. Lee.  “Black and Hispanic women, and less-educated and lower-income women have not been able to obtain 3D mammography as easily as white, well-educated, and higher-income women.”

Dr. Lee continues, “These subpopulations of women with poorer access to 3D are already traditionally underserved and more at risk for greater morbidity and mortality from breast cancer.” He notes that future research efforts are needed to address racial/ethnic, educational, and financial barriers to DBT screening. 


You can read the article, which includes the link to Dr. Lee’s published study,  here

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