Dr. Christopher Ingraham Awarded WWAMI Pro Recognition

Dr. Christopher Ingraham has been recognized by a UW School of Medicine medical student as going above and beyond in fostering this core professional value in his work: Excellence! This WWAMI Pro Recognition honors professionalism in our learning environment.

WWAMI is a cooperative program with the University of Washington School of Medicine and the states of Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana, and Idaho (the first letter of each state is where WWAMI gets its name). It gives students residing in the Northwestern United States access to high-quality, cost-effective medical education by decentralizing the educational process and sharing existing facilities and personnel in universities and communities in the WWAMI states. 

The WWAMI Pro recognition program honors professionalism throughout our medical school community by capturing moments in time when someone has gone above and beyond in providing a respectful and supportive learning environment. Medical students are encouraged to recognize role models and teachers in their midst. Recognition can be directed toward any contributor to a student’s learning environment, including attending physicians, residents, interns, other physicians, pharmacists, nurses, physician assistants, nurse practitioners and staff, such as front office staff, administrators clerks, custodial staff and security.

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