Dr. Christoph Lee awarded Kuni Discovery Grant

A photo of Dr. Christoph Lee. In the photo, Dr. Lee wears a pink button-up shirt and purple striped tie. He has dark hair and smiles into the camera.UW Radiology Professor Christoph Lee, MD, MS, MBA, has been awarded a Kuni Discovery Grant for his project “Addressing Multi-Level Drivers of Disparities in Breast Cancer Screenings.” This three-year grant will fund capacity building for UW Radiology’s Northwest Screening and Cancer Outcomes Research Enterprise (NW-SCORE).

The grant will help NW-SCORE expand the Radiology Department’s efforts to address breast cancer screening disparities in Washington and Oregon, and evaluate potential interventions in addressing these disparities, including the use of AI.

This is a major award from the Kuni Foundation, which is a local foundation supporting research in underserved communities.┬áIn their award letter, the Kuni Foundation wrote, “We’re excited about the collaborative approach to eliminating disparities and improving outcomes for ALL women and honored to help support your vital work.”


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