Doximity ranks Nuclear Medicine Residency Program #1 for research output

University of Washington’s Nuclear Medicine Residency Program was ranked #1 of 37 for research output by Doximity, a professional medical network for physicians. 

The top 10 nuclear medicine residency programs for research output were: 

  1. University of Washington 
  2. Johns Hopkins University 
  3. Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center 
  4. Emory University 
  5. Medical University of South Carolina 
  6. University of Maryland 
  7. Saint Louis University 
  8. Rush University 
  9. Stanford University 
  10. University of Michigan

In 2021 graduating year 5 PMID publications from 6 trainees were achieved during the program.  In the 2022 graduating year, 11 PMID publications from 6 trainees show a significant upward trajectory of scholarly activities by Nuclear Medicine residents at UW. 

The Department of Radiology’s Division of Nuclear Medicine was established in 1962 by Dr. Wil Nelp, and has had a successful postdoctoral training program since its inception. Our graduates hold faculty positions in major academic centers and large private practices. 

Our current residency program, led by Program Director Dr. Sanaz Behnia, provides a balanced and in-depth experience in all aspects of the basic sciences and clinical practice of nuclear medicine imaging and therapy. For more information, visit our Nuclear Medicine Residency Program webpage.

Doximity’s Methodology for Measurement of Research Output:  

“Doximity profile data of U.S. physicians was used to calculate research output score for each residency program’s current residents and recent alumni base. This score was calculated from a combination of the collective h-index of publications authored by alumni graduating within the past 10 years, the ratio of current residents and recent graduates publishing, as well as research grants awarded and participation in clinical trials. Each program’s alumni research output was then compared to all other programs within the same specialty to create a percentile score. Research Output may be refreshed periodically to account for new alumni publication and clinical trial data. These updates may affect the Research Output sort order.” 

For more information, visit Doximity’s website here.

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