Debosmita Biswas receives Summa cum Laude award at ISMRM 2021

Congratulations to scientist Debosmita Biswas, MS, a member of Dr. Savannah Partidge‘s research team! She was awarded the Summa cum Laude award at this year’s ISMRM annual meeting for her abstract ‘Impact of retrospective gradient nonlinearity correction on lesion ADCs and performance in the ECOG-ACRIN A6702 multicenter breast DWI trial’ which studies diffusion-weighted MRI (DWI), an emerging technique that holds great promise for breast imaging without the need for any intravenous contrast agent. The team found that depending upon the design and hardware of the MR scanner, gradient nonlinearities are introduced that can cause inaccuracies and limit the clinical value of DWI. The team evaluated a novel method for gradient nonlinearity correction and its resulting impact on measurements and diagnosis of suspicious breast lesions. The study showed that gradient nonlinearity correction is very important for accurate and reproducible implementation of breast DWI across different MRI scanners and imaging centers.

You can review the study here

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