Congratulations to Dr. Shuman for being awarded the 2017 Herbert M. Stauffer Award for Best Clinical Paper in Academic Radiology

Dr. William Shuman, Professor, Director of UWMC Clinical Radiology Operations, and Interim Chairman, has been awarded the 2017 Herbert M. Stauffer Award for Best Clinical Paper.

Dual-energy CT Aortography with 50% Reduced Iodine Dose Versus Single-energy CT Aortography with Standard Iodine Dose
William P. Shuman MD, Keith Chan MD, Janet Busey MS, Lee Mitsumori MD, Kent Koprowicz MD
Academic Radiology, Vol 23, Issue 5, p611-618

The Stauffer Award commemorates the work of Dr. Herbert M. Stauffer who made contributions to the field of radiology and established the Radiology-Physiology Laboratory at Temple University in Philadelphia. 

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