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Rebecca McGoodwin

My late wife Rebecca was a biology major in college (1962–1966). She considered a medical career, and taught high school biology for several years, but she ultimately decided that she could better serve her family by supporting my career in radiology and being the principal manager of our home and children. She and my children benefitted substantially by the career I pursued, and it pleased me to be able to provide adequate support for them. But her support was absolutely essential to me, and she made possible whatever successes I enjoyed throughout my medical education and career.  

In later life, Rebecca returned to college, this time at Seattle University (1988 to 1990), earning a second bachelor’s degree in diagnostic ultrasound. She became certified as a Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer, and practiced with me in diagnostic ultrasound for several years before my retirement. Rebecca died in July 2017.

We have both enjoyed giving back to the institutions that provided my medical education. She surely would have been proud to share in the formation of this endowment, and it is my hope that this fund will help to honor the memory and achievements of this great lady.

— Michael McGoodwin, MD