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Promotions Committee Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Radiology Promotion Committee is twofold: 1) to fairly, transparently, and thoroughly evaluate the qualifications of a faculty member for promotion, and to provide a summary of that evaluation to the Chair; and 2) to clearly communicate with Departmental faculty the criteria that the committee uses for their evaluations.

Promotions Announcements

Promotion/Tenure Clock Extensions Due to COVID-19

Due to the continued impact of the pandemic, the provost has approved provisions for clock waivers for assistant professors with mandatory promotion/tenure clocks related to COVID-19. Updates made May 2021. Read more. If a faculty member is part-time, how much is their promotion clock delayed? Is it proportional to their FTE or is it a fixed…

New SoM CV Template – April 2021

2021 Promotions Committee

2021 Members



10/22/21: These documents are under review and will be uploaded soon.

  • ​Regular faculty track
    • Clinician-teacher pathway
    • Physician-scientist pathway
    • No Pathway
    • For information on changing pathways for Faculty in Clinical Departments, see page 11 of the Appointments and Promotions document
  • Research faculty track
  • Full-time clinical faculty track (clinician-clinician track)
  • Affiliate and Adjunct faculty
  • Full-time Clinical Non-paid faculty

Checklists for Promotion

​Radiology Assistant to Associate Professor Promotion Timeline


Promotions Blog

Assistant to Associate Professor Promotion – Faculty Perspective – Dr. Hoff

​My experience in the promotional process from assistant professor to associate professor in the diagnostic physics section was multi-faceted.   On the one hand it was extremely time-consuming to collect and put together the teaching portfolio and associated paperwork, all while following various old and new promotions guides.   On the other hand, it was enjoyable to…

Getting Invited Presentations into your CV – Dr. Paul Kinahan

Applying for promotions, jobs, grants, fellowships etc. will require you to submit an academic CV. One unique aspect of a CV is there is no limitation on length. I have been on several search committees where CVs have exceeded 100 pages, and all were well over 50 pages.  This might seem overwhelming for a reviewer,…

Recollections: A Letter to Juniors on Getting Promoted – Dr. Chapman

 When I first joined faculty as a pediatric radiologist, I had contemplated the contrast between a career in academics versus private practice.  Being part of an academic group would mean I would be able to practice entirely in my subspecialty, I would continue working with trainees and medical students, I would be a part of…