UW Radiology

Interview Day

We hope you will have a pleasant visit to Seattle. We recognize that the application and interview process can be a source of anxiety, but we want to put you at ease so you can have a positive experience and learn as much as you can about our program. You will be invited to an informal dinner at a local restaurant to meet our residents on the night before the interview. Although this is an optional event, most applicants enjoy the opportunity to meet our residents and ask questions in an informal setting.

The interview day is an exciting time for all of us. We start with breakfast at which the program directors will give you an introduction to our program.

You will have several brief interviews with faculty and our chief residents. Some applicants ask why we have so many interviews. Good question! We believe we can assemble the best class by garnering multiple opinions from a broad cross-section of our department, and we think it’s most fair if all the candidates meet with the same interviewers. We hope you find the interviews to be a good opportunity to meet a range of our faculty and residents and to ask questions. It’s perfectly fine to pose similar questions to multiple interviewers so you can hear different perspectives.  A mid-morning presentation by the chief residents will provide a break during the interviews.

Several of our residents will be available to meet informally with you during shorter breaks between the individual interview sessions.

Lunch will start and with a group of our residents and then transition to a case conference.  A presentation on education and research by two of our residents will conclude the day.

Summary of Interview Schedule:

Evening before the interview:

Dinner with residents (optional but encouraged)

Day of Interview:

7:15  Breakfast is served 
 8:00-9:00 Presentations by Program Directors and Chair
 9:15-12:00 Interviews
 12:00-12:30 Lunch with Residents
 12:30-1:00 Case Conference
 1:00- 1:30 Resident Research Presentation