UW Radiology

Post Interview

After the Interviews

The Selection Committee meets on every interview day to discuss our experiences with the interviewees, and we hold a final ranking meeting on our last interview day. We are fortunate to receive applications from many outstanding candidates, and we believe that almost all of our interviewees would achieve great success in our program.

In addition to the selection criteria mentioned above, when we formulate our rank order list we give great weight to personal characteristics as ascertained from the interview, the MSPE, the letters of recommendation, the personal statement, and the record of scholarly, leadership, and volunteer activities. A strong sense of integrity and ethics; compassion, empathy, and respect for others; warmth of personality and a sense of humor; a positive outlook; diligence and readiness to work hard; self-motivation; ability to work in a team; inclination to cooperate instead of compete; superior interpersonal and communication skills; capacity for self-reflection, to learn from mistakes, and to respond positively to feedback and constructive criticism; intellectual curiosity; creativity; and an eagerness to give back to the institution and the community-at-large: these are the characteristics we seek in our residents.

After the deadline for submitting the rank order list, we will send you an online survey. We appreciate the time you spend completing the survey; we read all of the responses (which are anonymous), and we use the information to improve the interview experience.

If you match into our program, we will send you a welcome letter and a contract soon after match day.

If you have any questions about the application process, please contact our program administrator, Marcus Maurer: mjmaurer@uw.edu