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The Grand Roundup: Coming soon to a library near you

Wanted - books returned

​I know how it goes: You check out a library book, and before you know it, your allotted two weeks are up — but you’ve barely made it past the table of contents.

Or maybe there’s a book in your office that you meant to return last month … or last year … but you keep picturing the look on the librarian’s face when she sees how long it’s been checked out, so you just hold on to it.

Or maybe you have a library book that was never officially checked out. You were in a hurry, so you just grabbed it and left.

These things happen. I understand — you’re busy people.

So starting next week, on February 1, there’s going to be a two-week-long celebration (a.k.a. the Grand Roundup) of any library books that get returned. I encourage you to scour the darkest corners of your offices and home bookshelves for any Templeton Library books that might be lurking there, and drop them off at the library’s book return. I promise I won’t be angry if you’ve had the book since 2010. I’ll just be happy to see it back in the library.

(And if you aren’t done with a book yet, no problem — just email me at radlibATuw[dot edu] for a renewal.)

Hope to see your books soon!