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Searching PubMed: Saving results

Here’s the next installment in our infographic series on searching PubMed: a quick tutorial on saving results. If you already have a My NCBI account and you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the saving options, you might be interested to learn that My NCBI wasn’t built solely for PubMed users. Its main goal is to support NCBI’s databases — and at last count, there were 65 of them. I haven’t done a comprehensive survey of these databases, so I don’t know how all of them use My NCBI’s features. (Is there a My NCBI infographic in the Templeton Library’s future? I wouldn’t be surprised.)

The takeaway point there is that you can use PubMed very efficiently with just a handful of My NCBI’s features. Below is a quick guide to doing just that. (The QR code, by the way, leads to this tutorial.)

Searching PubMed - saving results