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Radiology history (and Templeton’s resolutions for 2015)


With the busyness of the holidays, progress on the new Featured History exhibit has been slow — but rest assured, it’s on its way. In the meantime, I encourage you to check out Otha Linton’s columns in the Journal of the American College of Radiology, where she profiles people who have made important contributions to the field of radiology. You can browse a list of her columns through the UW Libraries’ subscription to JACR. (If you’re outside the UW network and you can’t find your institution’s subscription to JACR, ask a librarian for assistance.)

Looking ahead, here are some of the projects I’m hoping to accomplish at Templeton in 2015:

  • Implementing a better tracking system for the library’s print journals, in order to get a better sense of which ones are most useful.
  • Starting a Featured Items campaign, highlighting certain items from the library’s collection each week. Many people don’t realize the breadth of Templeton’s holdings, and since they often don’t have time to browse the shelves, the Featured Items campaign will be an easy way to publicize little-known items.
  • Continuing the infographic series as a means of easy-to-follow tutorials.
  • Curating a series of reading lists, covering the following topics:
    • The business aspects of medicine (maintaining a practice, etc.)
    • The human side of medicine (doctor–patient relations, essays by medical professionals, etc.) [EDIT: This reading list is now available!]
    • Preparing for radiology boards
  • Reaching out to the UW Radiology community to learn how Templeton can better serve their needs

Watch this space for more details about these projects — but in the meantime, happy 2015!


Photo credit: Erad on Pixabay.