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Radiation-Induced Breast Cancer Modeling Study Paper Published in Annals of Internal Medicine

Dr. Christoph Lee, associate professor at UW School of Medicine and radiologist at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, Breast Imaging is an author on the recent article “Radiation-Induced Breast Cancer Incidence and Mortality From Digital Mammography Screening” published in the January 2016 issue of Annals of Internal Medicine.

Exposure to ionizing radiation from repeated mammography examinations may increase breast cancer risk, although the risk of radiation-induced breast cancer is thought to be low compared to lives saved by screening mammography. However, prior studies have not accounted for the additional imaging and exposure resulting from abnormal screening results. This modeling study showed that radiation-induced breast cancer incidence and mortality from digital mammography screening are affected by dose variability from screening, resultant diagnostic work-up, initiation age, and screening frequency. Additionally, women with large breasts may have a greater risk for radiation-induced breast cancer. You may access the article here: Radiation-Induced Breast Cancer Incidence and Mortality From Digital Mammography Screening: A Modeling Study.