UW Radiology

New Book Roundup: March 2016

Here’s a rundown of all the new books added to the Templeton Library this past month:

A Case-Based Approach to PET/CT in Oncology (Gerbaudo 2012)

Cardiac Imaging: Case Review 2nd ed. (Reddy et al 2014)

Clinical Perfusion MRI (Baker et al 2013)

Nuclear Medicine Board Review 3rd ed. (Goldfarb et al 2012)

Nuclear Medicine: Requisites (Ziessman et al 2014)

Physics in Nuclear Medicine, 4th ed. (Cherry, Sorenson, & Phelps, 2012)

Review of Radiologic Physics 4th ed. (Huda 2016)

Topics in Transplantation Imaging (Rad Clinics North Am 54:2, Bhargava, & Heller, eds, 2016)


8 volumes in total, which makes a healthy contribution to a collection some 700 strong as of this writing.  Expect many more to come in April, watch this space.

Previously, a lot of our collection development (that is, “deciding what books we should buy” in non library-speak) has been done on a fairly ad-hoc and random basis, including materials that caught the eye of faculty at conferences or specific book requests from our users.  The books selected for March and April are in contrast books I personally selected in an effort to make our collection as up-to-date as is possible.  We are therefore adding new editions of older volumes which have circulated well, in addition to adding new titles in popular series such as The Requisites, The Essentials, and Case Review.

It is hoped that these additions will help our residents and other scholars get the best medical education possible here at the UW Radiology Department.