UW Radiology

New Book Roundup: April 2016

As promised, here is a rundown of the books we added to the Templeton Library  in April, rounding out and bringing up-to-date our 700+ strong print collection.  The 13 new items include:

Breast Imaging: Case Review (Brennecke)
Chest Radiology: The Essentials (Collins and Stern)
Gastrointestinal Imaging :the Requisites 4th ed (Boland)
Head and Neck Imaging: Case Review 4th ed. (Yousem)
Interventional Radiology: Case Review (Tam and Wang)
Musculoskeletal Imaging : the Requisites 4th ed. (Manaster et al)
Musculoskeletal Imaging: Case Review (Ali et al)
Neuroimaging: the Essentials (Sanelli et al)
Spine Imaging: Case Review (Grayev et al)
Thoracic Imaging: Case Review (Ajlan and Seminov)
Ultrasound: the Requisites 3rd ed (Hertzberg and Meddleton)
Vascular and Interventional Imaging: Case Review (Saad et al)
Vascular and Interventional Radiology:  the Requisites 2nd ed (Kaufman and Lee)