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New at the library: online journal access points

Journal viz

It’s a good question. On the one hand, 7,572 is a beautiful number — it implies an enviable breadth and depth of coverage.

But on the other hand, if you’re browsing for a journal to read on your commute, or you want to know more about the radiology and nuclear medicine journals out there, that can be a daunting number of titles to search through.

In fact, I couldn’t find any curated lists of journals by topic, so I ended up making my own. You can access that list of 115 UW-held titles here.

For some, that might still be a daunting number. No fear — I’ve started a new initiative of physical access points, where you can discover journals we don’t hold in our print collection. The printed access points, which are posted above the print journals, feature the current issue’s table of contents, as well as a QR code for instant access. Here you can see the access point for one of the current offerings, Seminars in Nuclear Medicine: semnucmed3-15

A journal collection is an organic, ever-changing thing, and it’s important to me that the Templeton collection reflects what’s most useful and most impactful for this community. To help this goal, I’ll be keeping an eye on the analytics for the QR codes I provide. So if you find a particular journal helpful, this is your chance to vote with your scans and give me helpful feedback.

Happy researching!