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Mrs. Templeton’s Books

Kelly and I have been very lucky in that we’ve been able to spend some valuable training time together. When we were looking over some of the interesting books we have in the Historical Collection, Kelly had some questions about the origin of  several old nursing book and three books written by Ezra Meeker, some dated over 100 years old. Unfortunately, I didn’t know anything about them.

Little did we know, the answer was right around the corner.

The next day, we had the pleasure of meeting Michael Brock and his wife, Hilda. Mr. Brock is the step-son of Dr. Templeton and son of Frances Templeton. Frances worked as a registered nurse here at UWMC, which is how she met Dr. Templeton. During Mr. and Mrs. Brock’s visit, they gifted us a beautiful framed picture of his mother, Frances Templeton. To our delight, Mr. Brock also told us that the nursing books had been his mothers! And as for the Ezra Meeker books, Meeker was a cousin of Dr. Templeton’s. It all made sense! It was absolutely amazing to learn a little bit more about the history and legacy of the Templetons and to have our questions about these very books in our collection magically be answered!

Here’s a picture of the first shelf in our Historical Collection, featuring the gifted, framed picture of Frances Templeton alongside her nursing books! The white name plate was the name tag Mrs. Templeton used to wear everyday to work.

Mr. Brock also donated an old nameplate of Dr. Templeton’s and Health Care Communication Using Personality Type: Patients are Different!, a book written by his late sister, Susan Brock.

Thanks for reading!