UW Radiology

Moving forward


As mentioned previously, I’ll be moving to Alabama soon to begin a full-time job as a librarian. While some university departments might lose their student workers over the summer and decrease in productivity, don’t worry — the Templeton Library will not be among them. I’ve just finished bringing my successor, Tigh, up to speed on library operations, and I’m confident that he’ll be a valuable asset to the UW Radiology community. He’s slated to officially begin work on Monday, July 6, and he’ll be in contact soon with his official introduction and schedule of office hours.

My thanks to the excellent people of UW Radiology, who have made this year fantastic, memorable, and valuable. I’ve learned so much about your information behaviors, and I’ve greatly enjoyed helping you access the resources you need. If you’re just entering the field of radiology, I wish you all the best for your future; if you’re in the middle or twilight of your career, thanks so much for imparting your years of wisdom. I feel truly lucky to have spent a year among you all.

Happy researching!

– Rebecca


Image credit: dakzxz on Pixabay.