UW Radiology

Are we missing a great resource? Make a purchase suggestion!

Our online catalog has some pretty great features, including purchase suggestions! If you’re looking for a book that we don’t have, or know of some great resources you’ve used in the past, we want to know about it!

Here’s how to make a purchase suggestion (which is completely anonymous!):

First, visit http://lib.rad.washington.edu and click the “Purchase Suggestion” link, shown in the image below.

purchase suggestion step 1

Second, click on the “New Purchase Suggestion” link, as shown below, to start your request.

Third, enter the information of the book you wish to suggest. The title of the book is required. While the author, copyright date and ISBN are not required, they will be very helpful in ensuring we purchase the correct book!

Finally, scroll down to the bottom of the form and click “Submit your suggestion.”

Look for a video of these instructions, and other tips, coming soon!

Thanks for reading!