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“Help — I can’t find an article!”

One of the best features of PubMed is that little purple UW logo that reads, “Check for full text”. If you find a relevant article, all you have to do is click that button, and within a few seconds, you’ll have a PDF ready to go.

But what if that button doesn’t show up? How can you find the article’s full text then?

Here are a few tricks that might help.

First of all, if you’re off-campus, make sure you’re signed into your UW account. This will tell PubMed that you’re part of the UW network and it’s OK to show you the “Check for full text” button. You can do this by going to the Health Science Library’s main page and clicking “LOG IN”.

pubmed iThen use the search bar to repeat your search.

“The UW full text button still isn’t showing up.”

Try clicking the buttons that do show up under “Full text links”. Sometimes an article will be freely available through the vendor listed there.

pubmed ii


“The vendor asked me to log in to view the article, and I can’t find UW’s credentials.” (OR “There are no vendors listed under “Full text links.”)

Copy the article’s title, and paste it in quotes into the main UW Libraries search bar. If the UW has access to that article, the title should pop right up.

pubmed iii

Click on the article’s title.

pubmed iv

Click on “Check for online access @UW” …
pubmed v… and this looks promising: a listing for Free E-Journals, with content available from 2006 until one month ago. The article we want was published in April 2014, which is within that span. So we click on “Free E-Journals”.

pubmed viThen we click on “Current/Past Issues”.

pubmed viiWe scroll down to the “Past Issues” section, then select the year and month of our target article.

pubmed viii

That issue has a section marked “Full articles (if available)”, so we scroll down … and cross our fingers …

pubmed ix

… and there it is!

pubmed x

You can save it as a PDF by right-clicking and selecting “Save as”. Then export the bibliographic details from PubMed to your preferred citation manager as usual.

Still can’t find the resources you need? Let the library intern know by emailing her at radlib[AT]uw[dot edu].