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Free Article Access! Check out the Inter-Library Loan system

Hello UW Radiology!

Have you ever needed an article and could not access it because the Templeton Library, University of Washington Libraries, or Health Science Libraries did not subscribe to it or because required a purchase? 

There is a solution, and it arrives straight to your desktop!

The Inter-Library Loan system is a request-based system that you have access to through your current UW NetID. You can request an article scan from any library, UW-affiliated or not, and it will be delivered to your ILL account in an average of 3 days.

Want to know more?

See UW Libraries’ Interlibrary Loan & Scanning Services page. There you will find access to your ILL account and descriptions of how the system works.

Article Scans are Free for UW NetID holders. (Fees only apply to Book-to-home shipping or Rush Delivery Requests. See here for details)