UW Radiology

Forging ahead

A year and two days ago,  I wrote my first post on this blog.   367 days later, I am proud to announce that the Templeton Library will be continuing on under a new intern from the year of 2016-2017. Martina Vargas, like myself, is an MLIS student at the University of Washington iSchool.

Martina will bring a fresh take and her own initiatives and interests to TL, and develop library content accordingly.  I hope that my projects such as the youtube channel, updates to the book collection, and Radiology e-books from the UW Library poster can provide some small inspiration for her and will continue to be useful to information seekers in this field.

I will be pinch-hitting at TL during August-September while Martina is out of the country, but my major work as TL intern (and maintainer of this blog) is now complete.  As a student it has been incredibly beneficial to me to have the opportunity to run this library and I am proud to have made a contribution to the UW Department of Radiology. I look forward to seeing what new developments occur at TL in the year to come!