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Ebooks, sponges, and other news

A few weeks ago, I identified the steps I was going to take to increase the Templeton Library’s ebook holdings. I’m pleased to announce that I’ve finished step 1, auditing our collection to see how many ebook equivalents the UW Libraries has. The results aren’t insignificant — out of our 800+ books, 68 are already available as ebooks. You can access the complete list here. In the coming days, I’ll also be working on bringing those ebook records into the Templeton catalog so they’ll be included in your search results.

… although I should say that it might not be me doing this work; it might be someone else. I recently accepted a full-time librarian position in Alabama, so I’ll be heading in that direction shortly after graduation. (July is the best time of year to move to Alabama, right?) But don’t worry, the Templeton Library will be in good hands — I’ve advertised the position and started receiving applications,  and it looks like my successor will definitely be up to the challenge of taking the library to new heights.

I've been assured that I can still root for the Seahawks, as long as I'm also a vocal Alabama supporter.

I’ve been assured that I can still root for the Seahawks, as long as I’m also a vocal ‘Bama supporter.

In other news, it’s been estimated that between 3,500 and 30,000 times a year, surgeons leave things behind in their patients — sponges, needles, scissors, and so forth. Fortunately, a former radiology resident at the University of Michigan has developed a new way to decrease that number.

Stay tuned for future ebook news — but in the meantime, Roll Tide!


Image credit: skeeze on Pixabay.