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Ebook Wars, Episode III: Continued Optimism

Previously in ebook news, you told me you wanted to see more ebooks in the Templeton Library, and I compiled a list of Templeton titles that the UW Libraries held in ebook form. In last week’s riveting segment, I completed that list. (You can access the list here. There’s another list here of radiology ebooks that don’t have print equivalents at Templeton.)


Executives are excited for the season finale, which is rumored to feature increased ebook usage.

Today, I’m pleased to announce that the first few ebooks have been entered in the Templeton catalog. Here’s how to access them:

ebooks i

  1. Add “ebook” to your search terms, or select “Web Resources” under the “Item types” filter.
  2. Click the ebook’s title, and copy-and-paste the link under “Public Notes.”
  3. Log in with your UWNetID, if prompted, and click “View eBook” or “Check for online access @UW”.

ebooks ii

You’ll notice that the ebook records state “Material type: Book; Format: print.” I’m still working on fixing this bug, so for the time being, I advise finding ebooks via the two methods I’ve listed above, rather than relying on those fields.

As for purchasing new ebooks, I’ve been meeting with the UW Libraries’ acquisitions people, and it turns out that this task is considerably more complicated than I thought. It’s still a priority, but it might take a couple of months to get new ebooks in our collection. Watch this space for more details — and in the meantime, feel free to suggest ebook titles you want to see in the library.

Happy researching!



Image credit: Wikimedia Commons.